Dental Work and Holidays: A Guide for Travellers

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Dental Work and Holidays: A Guide for Travellers

Just because you go on holiday, doesn't mean that the bacteria on your mouth does. Hi! My name is Mandi, and as a lover of travelling, I have taken a lot of trips. Unfortunately, I have also had the misfortune to suffer from dental issues on those trips. This blog focuses on everything related to travelling and dental work. I plan to have posts on picking the right travel insurance for your teeth, dealing with a broken tooth when abroad, dental tourism and more. I hope that you find the information that you need and that your next holiday goes well. Now, let's smile together from wherever we are in the world! Happy travels!


How a Dentist Can Protect Your Oral Health While Improving the Look of Your Smile

It's easy to think that cosmetic dentistry procedures are done just for the sake of appearances, but very often there are simple dental procedures that not only make you look better but which can actually protect your oral health as well. If you've dismissed the thought of having cosmetic procedures done because you don't think they're very important, note how some of these can improve your appearance while protecting your mouth and gums.

1. Cap teeth

A cap is a hollow fitting that slides over a tooth and which is then glued into place. It's often used for small teeth or those that are very crooked, as the cap can make teeth look aligned and larger. However, a cap can also be placed over a chipped or broken tooth. While this can make the tooth look better, it can also protect your mouth from scrapes and cuts.

If the chip or break in the tooth is very severe, this can expose the nerves and the dentin, or the soft flesh inside of teeth. Not only is this painful but it can lead to the increased risk of oral infections. By capping teeth, a dentist can make your smile look its best while protecting your mouth.

2. Align teeth

Aligning crooked teeth is often done to make your smile look its best, but this too can protect the health of your mouth. Teeth rest next to each other for support and the upper and lower jaws also rest on each other. If teeth are crooked, you may develop pain in the hinge of the jaw and your teeth may start to get loose since they don't have proper support.

A dentist can align your teeth in a number of ways, from bonding small or recessed teeth to fitting you with a mouth guard that gently pushes teeth into place.

3. Replace missing teeth

A dental implant is a tooth that screws into the gum line and which takes the place of a missing tooth. This can help to make your smile look its best but also protect your mouth; as mentioned, teeth rely on each other for support and when one is missing, others can become loose. The pocket of exposed gum can also hold more bacteria so that you are more prone to oral infections and gum disease.

A dental implant is a permanent solution that doesn't need to be taken out and cleaned like a plate or bridge, and can protect your mouth while making your smile look its best.

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