Dental Work and Holidays: A Guide for Travellers

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Dental Work and Holidays: A Guide for Travellers

Just because you go on holiday, doesn't mean that the bacteria on your mouth does. Hi! My name is Mandi, and as a lover of travelling, I have taken a lot of trips. Unfortunately, I have also had the misfortune to suffer from dental issues on those trips. This blog focuses on everything related to travelling and dental work. I plan to have posts on picking the right travel insurance for your teeth, dealing with a broken tooth when abroad, dental tourism and more. I hope that you find the information that you need and that your next holiday goes well. Now, let's smile together from wherever we are in the world! Happy travels!

3 Types of Denture Repair

Although dentures are designed to be durable, it is common for them to need repairing or adjusting at some point during their life. Dentures work hard for their wearers every day: chewing food, facilitating speech, and doing a great job of replicating a natural smile. Here are a few repairs that most dentures need from time to time. 1. Denture Relining Relining is a process that can help dentures to fit better and feel more comfortable in the mouth. Read More 

Dentures vs Dental Implants: Which Is Right For You?

If you are missing all or some of your natural teeth, a dentist can replace them with either dentures (full or partial) or dental implants. Both options can restore the appearance of your smile and allow you to eat and speak a little more easily, but there are important differences between them. Let's take a brief look at the pros and cons of each option. The Fitting Procedure There is no doubt that the fitting process for dental implants is more involved and invasive than that for dentures. Read More 

6 Signs That You Have a Healthy Mouth

The state of your oral health is a good indicator of your overall health. For instance, when your immune system is in poor condition, you have a higher risk of suffering from mouth ulcers, herpes and gum disease. Generally, the better shape your mouth is in, the better you'll feel in general. If you have a healthy mouth, then you'll likely see the following signs. 1. Neutral breath Bad oral bacteria give off an unpleasant odour. Read More